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Free 7 day trial


Free 7 day trial


April H, Teacher

 Modal Math provides visuals, SIGN LANGUAGE, text, and voice! Due to some of our students cognitive levels and other health impairments, they are unable to utilize the computer, but out of the 18 students in the program - 16 of them are able to use Modal Math. This rarely happens for us! The students can work independently, with a partner, in a group, or as a whole class. The teachers are able to work with the students as well and gather data from the students account for each student and determine how to move forward with instruction. 

The questions and answers are provided with the use of all the supports for DHH: sign language, voice, visuals, and the use of text! The students are also able to access Modal Math at home with their families! Which means, with the use of the visual Sign Language video the families can learn the signs and understand the math concepts needed for our students. We are so excited to use this resource for Math! I hope more are created like this!


Angel O, Teacher

For many of our students, the lack of accessible language can impact their access to the math curriculum. Modal Math does an awesome job of allowing our DHH students access to the curriculum.  It allows our students the opportunity to practice and master math concepts through the use of both sign language and the written word. My students LOVE this program!  Kudos to the creator of this program for finally designing a math program to meet the needs of our DHH students!


Katie W,Teacher

Modal Math has been an extremely useful resource for my math students, especially now that we are all teaching remotely.  Having had experience teaching Deaf/Hard of Hearing students ranging from 4th to 12th grade, I have searched for a supplemental resource to help my students practice the Common Core math skills, one with visual pictures as well as signs presented in their first language, ASL.  This is currently the only resource I could find like it!  Given direct skills instruction first, my students are able to utilize Modal Math independently with confidence and success. 

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