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Modal Math

Math Practice in Multiple Modalities

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What is Modal Math?
Welcome to Modal Math!

Welcome to Modal Math!

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For many of our students, the lack of accessible language can impact their access to the math curriculum. ModalMath does an awesome job of allowing our DHH students access to the curriculum.  It allows our students the opportunity to practice and master math concepts through the use of both sign language and the written word. My students LOVE this program!  Kudos to the creator of this program for finally designing a math program to meet the needs of our DHH students!


As a Deaf adult and teacher, this program has what I wish I had growing up, and what our students need now - access to programs using the modality that fits them best. Many educational programs are audio-focused, and having the visuals and sign language allows my students to be completely engaged in their learning. As a teacher that works with students with various academic and language needs, being able to give students ModalMath allows them to think and work independently.  This multi-modal program meets the diverse needs of my students and provides more flexibility for me to address the other needs in the classroom.


I absolutely love Modal Math. I teach a multi-age class of 3 year-olds to first graders. This is the BEST math program I’ve ever found for DHH kids. It makes assessing students and providing 1:1 and small group interventions easy because I know where kids are. My students and families really enjoy Modal Math. It is an easy way for them to continue learning during virtual learning and for parents to learn the signs for math concepts. Modal Math provides a different way for me to work with students other than our district provided curriculum. I’ve been teaching DHH students for 9 years and I’ve been looking for something online that works and this is it! 
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