Level 4 Skills and Concepts

1. Multiplication

a. Find the multiplication equation

b. Multiplication Story Problems

c. Words for Multiplication

d. Two Step Multiplication Story Problems

e.  Story Problems with Estimation

f. Missing Variable in Multiplication Problems

g. How to Use Visual Models to Multiply

h. Visual Models in Multi digit Multiplication (one digit x two digits)

i. Visual Models in Multi Digit Multiplication)

3. Division


a. Division Words

b. Division Word Problems

c. Matching Division Sentence to Circle Model

d. Estimate and Divide

e. Missing Dividend/Divisor Problems

f. Dividing with remainders

g. Division Story Problems with Remainders

5. Addition and Subtraction


a. Subtraction Story Problems (Multidigit Numbers)

b. Addition Story Problems (Multidigit Numbers)

7. Decimals

a. Decimal Place Values and Names
b. Fractions to decimals: denominator 10

c. Fractions to decimals: denominator 100

d. Decimals on a number line

9. Time

a. Converting between hours, minutes and seconds
b. Elapsed time: Ten minute increments

c. Elapsed time: Fifteen minute increments

d. Elapsed time: five minute increments

e.Elapsed time: minute increments

11. Money

a. Story problems: How much money total? (Multiplying)
b. Story Problems: How much change?

c. Story Problems: Budgeting

d. Story Problems: How many can you get?

2. Factoring


a.  What is Factor Tree?

b. Which is the correct factor tree?

c. Which is a prime number?

4. Place Value


a. What is Place Value?

b. Read and pick the correct number (place value)

c. Write the Number in Words

d. Identifying place value

e. Comparing

f. Rounding with Place Value

6. Fractions


a. Finding Equivalent Fractions

b. Comparing fractions with like denominators

8. Measurement

a. Pick the Correct Unit
b. Converting between feet and inches

c. Converting between meters and centimeters

10. Data

a. Interpreting bar graphs
b. Interpreting line graphs

c. Interpreting pie graphs

d. Decimals on a number line

12. Geometry

a. How many angles?
b. Acute, obtuse or right angle?

c. Estimate how many degrees

d. Perpendicular or Parallel? 

e.Types of Triangles

f. Points, lines, line segments, rays

g. Lines of symmetry

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