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Sandy, Mother

"Mom, can I do Modal Math?"

I never thought I'd hear those words!  My daughter, who has an Intellectual Disability, has a very difficult time grasping mathematical concepts.  Her strategy has always been to just avoid doing math altogether.  However, I introduced my daughter to Modal Math.  Although she does not know sign language, the clear graphics and presence of a human signer seem to engage my daughter in a way that nothing else has.  Using Modal Math, my daughter has attained skills that she has not previously been able to attain.  Additionally, as previously noted,

she is now ASKING to do math!


Hina, Mother

Modal Math is perfect for my child. It has got the perfect feature of videos and practice quizzes for Hard of Hearing kids. My young one really enjoys doing mental math and is grasping counting concepts with ease. He just started counting and recognizing counting signs via this unique website. I have never ever come across any learning site like this, which targets mathematical concepts for Deaf children in such a manner. I can say it's "everything under one roof" or an umbrella site where you can teach your child all the basic arithmetic concepts and signs. Now, it's no longer a difficult or intricate task for parents to teach math, especially those who are searching for good learning sites for their Deaf kids.

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